Sunday, February 28, 2010


Chemo. cancer. iv fluids, pills, pills. Earthquake. deadly. 8.8. on the Richter scale. Chile. 700 dead. Epicenter. Concepcion. looters, bandits. hope. despair. tsunami.

cracked lips, broken roofs, shortage of water. no shortage of tears. homelessness. hairlessness. more drugs.

one percocet. two percocet. a catheter.
rumble, rumble, aftershock. maybe one more pill.

where is my family? so much debris! who is under it? where to look? where to turn.
in my mouth is metal. copper. ever present. it's from within, it's inside me. this damn chemo. in my veins, in my hair, in my sweat, in my tastebuds. Fucking everywhere.

Goddamnit! where is everyone? is everyone ok? of course not. it's chaos outside and in. it doesn't end.
what now? just huddle and wait for it to pass...please let it be over soon.

(photo from NY Times)