Monday, January 26, 2009

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

So Freakin' Lost

After over 6 months the wait is finally over. Lost begins it's 5th season. For me it's one of the most genius and addictive shows ever...can't wait for tonight!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

A Day of Stolen Moments

When we met that hot January afternoon we were just strangers. Neither of us expected that by the next time the sun would rise we would know each other in so many ways. That the walls we built so furiously with such heavy bricks would come down so silently. If only for that time.
After standing on the edge for too long I decided to dive into the deep blue ocean of your eyes and trail through the golden field of bristles on your face. What a bold thing to do!
Once we found each other we held on. We held on tightly, because we knew we would have to let go before we became attached. But for that moment we would melt into one another. The boundaries in our landscapes would disappear and we would not know where one started and the other began.
Out in the world we wandered the same streets and yet everything seemed new and shiny as your hand slipped into mine.
Hidden in a tiny pub drinking sangria we quenched the thirst for each other as we shared our stories. No stone remained unturned. There was so much to discover!
Warmed by the wine and our new proximity we walked underneath the stars of a cool, clear night. Admiring the city from the top of the park made it seem so distant. It was the city that brought us together, yet it was also a different world that did not belong to ours that night.
Enough time outside.
Now was time to go in and sink into a sea of sheets and pillows. We swam naked, quickly submerging and only coming up for air in short gasps.
After such an adventurous day we soon fell asleep. The morning would come and would only serve to say goodbye and part ways.

It was a new day, warmer than others, sadder than others. We separated our bodies just was we had brought them together, quietly and effortlessly. There was no need for fanfare.
We were two open books, pages skimmed, some chapters read. Perhaps we would pick each other up again some day. Maybe not. This didn't matter.
That day we were given to each others as presents. And it felt to so good to be unwrapped.