Wednesday, April 22, 2009

a sight to behold

Oh baby! Devendra Banhart live at the Independent in SF on April 14th. I was there and it was incredible!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Rare Occasions

A new photograph from my new batch of diana pics. Taken from the rooftops of Pittsburgh, during sunset. Part of a recent and much needed vacation. Although this is not the most representative picture and probably not the best of the roll either, it does stand out.
When on vacation, there's often this anticipation and rush of doing everything and trying to get everywhere and see everyone.
The clock is ticking, every day is somewhat of a countdown. Let's go!! What's next? C'mon!
No time to lose.
While I really enjoy that kind of energy and push, this was the one afternoon that was different, where nothing but that moment mattered. There wasn't a time limit, a deadline, no sense of urgency for anything.
That sea of calm also washed away other things, if only for just for a little bit, for a tiny moment in time. Frustrations, troubles, anxieties, disappointments, demons...all the baggage and day to day bullshit where gone.
I was a shiny new rock, swept clean by the sea. All the moss on my back was taken away.
It's hard to put in words... but there was this feeling of contentment and joy. Of feeling like I was exactly in the place I was supposed to be. Of being grateful for the rocky road that had taken me to where I was.
It's a checkpoint. A very specific checkpoint. What lies beyond this place doesn't matter because there's this sense that it's all going to work out.
A profound, yet fleeting feeling...
I was hoping to be a bit more eloquent to describe what this is like. Maybe next go around.

Friday, April 3, 2009

All About Nothing

There are days when you wake up and it's beautiful outside and the sun is shining. You're bursting with ambition and excited to seize the myriad of possibilities that lay awaiting for you throughout the day.
Suddenly i'ts 10:03pm and you realize you haven't left the house. So much went on outside in the world around you and you were completely absent from all of it.
Fuck yeah!
Today was a wonderful day spent in my living with my roommates, eating, drinking and smoking. The matinee began with
Pineapple Express with an intermission before continuing on to You Me and Everyone We Know.
What a grand day of doing absolutely nothing!
As the day comes to a possible close (the night is still young!) I have decided to be productive and make at least one contribution for my existence today and give something back.
Some friends have introduced me to these fine ladies and nothing has been quite the same.