Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hospital Beds

I found this video of one of my favorite new bands from last year, Florence and the Machine. The whole album Lungs, is pretty great, somewhat Regina Spektorish, less quirky and darker. And well, about lungs...this lady has them! Here she covers Cold War Kids' Hospital Beds, which is a great song in itself and her vocals make it even better.

Why hospital beds? Well, after an almost week long stint in the hospital I got diagnosed with cancer and will be going through chemotherapy for the next 3 months so I'm going to be seeing alot of hospital beds and iv's.
What a trip this will be. Hoping I will make it to the end of it.


the gretch said...

Really??? I hope the treatment goes well. I'm sending you super positive thoughts!

Chile Willy said...

thank you darlin'.