Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Evil of Cancer

The intruder comes to us in the deepest, darkest of night. A shadow that can’t be kept out by locked doors, windows or even the thickest layer of epidermous. This mass takes up residency in our body, materializing where ever it wants, because once it’s inside, we are theirs for the taking.

Time passes, oblivious that we are now the hosts for a guest that is slowly invading our body, taking control of our lives and future. Secretly, it has settled, unannounced, until pain sets in, when we finally realize something is wrong.

In it’s evil purpose, this invader starts out on it’s own; only to gain strength until it can turn it’s new home against itself. It latches on to our organs until they become one and begin to destroy them completely.

The only cure is scientific exorcism. This is not easy, as trying to destroy the invader, now the host is also being destroyed. The hope is that the host is stronger than the invader and can handle the exorcism.
Time can only tell who will be win, as many times this intruder can never truly be defeated, or cast out, it lies dormant in our insides, quietly gaining renewed strength, waiting for the next time it can strike again.

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