Friday, November 7, 2008

starting with something new

So I decided to start a blog. I became inspired by several friends of mine who created their own.
I've always thought I was good with words and letters. In school math was always and uphill battle but english was my favorite subject. A shy, introverted child, I devoured books, competed in local spelling bees and entered writing contests. None of this really means I'm a good writer, perhaps I'm a poor one, but nevertheless I enjoy it.
I've realized that in these past months I've been really enjoying spending time alone, an avid pedestrian, always walking up and down hills in SF or more honestly avoiding them. In these walks that often lead to forced bus rides to complete my destination, I've noticed that I sort of talk to myself. Not in some weird schizo way but I will be looking out the window of the muni and I will catch myself mouthing my thoughts. Clearly my mind is always in overdrive and I tend to over analyze and obsess about things too much.
Why not put that to good use and create something, if for nothing else than my own amusement.
I guess I'll see what I come up with...

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