Sunday, November 23, 2008

office hours

I was looking through my pictures today and I came upon this old picture from my trip to Puerto Rico 3 years ago. I went with 2 of my best friends in the summer and rather than spending time on the main island, we frolicked on the empty beaches of a nearby smaller island, called Culebra. A small bungalow by the water became our home during our time there. If we ever needed anything we just had to contact the person who ran the place.
That could be a little difficult given their rather loose schedule. Nevertheless these are the office hours most people who run a business could only dream of.

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John Foster Cartwright said...

This sign used to be on a barn that my grandfather used to own. It was a barn he painted on. The sign was there before, during, and after my grandfather.
Last summer I went there again, years gone by, to see if the barn had been painted over. My grandfathers wild buffalo, and horses, native americans, and farmers gone....But they weren't. They were still there, and so was this sign.

I might scan some of those images.