Friday, November 7, 2008

embracing the dark

Aside from this blog I have other online pages; mybook and facepage and I also have a flickr account. What I recently came to realize as I was examining these pages is that they only explore one dimension. I went through them and all I found was happy pictures, smiles and laughs. None of these really capture the dark moments. There are so many! No where can I find something that alludes to those times where you come home and soon as the door shuts you start to unravel. Those days when the shit hits the fan and it sprays it all over your face. Those times where you're so on edge it seems that even the slightest thing might knock you overboard. The empty, cold walk of shame. When you're standing in a crowd of strangers completely alone.
So this is also my exploration into the dark side, into the emtpy lonely rooms and moments of hopelessness. Despite the fact that I might not want to remember them, they are still present and worth acknowledging.

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