Saturday, March 20, 2010

Away from It All

I had originally starting writing this post on a more somber, self pitying note, as I'm pulling through a hellish 2nd round of chemo. I had started talking about the fear, the sadness, the loneliness, the worry, the frustration, the anger, the pain and all the dark feelings that start to sweep up and threaten to swallow you whole the more you find yourself drenched in drugs that take away your body and mind.
I could go on about the blessing and the curse that is chemo and how wretched this has become at times. But last weekend I was treated to an idyllic escape at the beach. My energy level was back and I was feeling pretty good. One of my best friends was visiting from the East Coast and with other friends, we decided to rent a cabin for the night at Stinson Beach and Camp Tamalpais.

The weather was gorgeous, we went on a somewhat scary hike and just hung out in a beautiful surrounding. It's quite wonderful to get away, to leave the city, to be by the ocean.
The weekend was finished in glamorous style with bloody mary's and a delicious dinner with two other of my dearest friends.
One of the best things about those few days...I was able to forget.

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