Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Fly(er) on the Wall

My roommates and I recently unearthed an old scanner that I'm sure will provide hours of replicating fun. One thing I decided to do was rescue a bunch of very charming old fliers from old dance nights and parties around the town.
San Francisco being the gay mecca that it is, doesn't always provide the best dance night for those of us queers who are looking for an alternative to the cookie cutter gays, muscle mary's and Castro fags that invade, well...the Castro. Luckily most of the better, divey queer bars are in the Tenderloin and Soma.
DJ Bus Station John is a well known this scene and has been hosting some of the funner, grittier dance night in the city for decades. The Tubesteak Connection at Aunt Charlie's Lounge is a sweaty Thursday night staple, and there have been parties at other bars as well with equally lascivious names like The Rod and Manquake! where '70's bathhouse music and disco obligate all present to slowly disrobe as the make their way to a sweaty dance floor.