Monday, December 21, 2009

Wild About Charley

Every year in December I go out and buy a new calendar. As per usual excitement spirals into disappointment when presented with corny options. Calendars with cuddly creatures and bland landscapes are abundant. It's harder to find more clever and unique ones these days. Although I think I'm probably just not looking in the right place. Online shopping I think would be the way to do it.
When I was about to settle for one that didn't speak to me I came across a Charley Harper calendar. For those who might not be familiar, he is an american modernist artist, who died only a couple of years ago. He's best know for his stylized portayal of wildlife, using shapes, patterns, bold colors and textures in simple yet engaging ways. Take a look!

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John Foster Cartwright said...

Me Rikey.
Thanks for sharing!