Wednesday, June 1, 2011

With You I'm Born Again

So today I turn 30. Given the events of last year it feels like I should at least be 50. I broke out of the hospital yesterday and it was wonderful to take up in my own room and bed today. The bone marrow transplant was successful so far (it will be months before doctors can get an accurate reading as to whether the cancer is all gone or not). Regardless this is it. No more chemo, no more radiation, no more.
I'm done. Whatever the results may be.

So I may live a long and healthy life or I might live a not so long one. But the plan is to enjoy every minute of what I have. Because I am born again, at least that's what they tell all the BMT people, because of how intense the procedure is and how profoundly it changes you.
Cancer changes you, hopefully for the better.
And I'm now 30, so hopefully I can start my 30's with a fresh slate. So many milestones! I couldn't have made it this far without my wonderful group of friends who carried me through a miserable year. I am eternally grateful.
One step at a time

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