Tuesday, June 1, 2010

New Horizons

I took a look at my blog post from last year's birthday. There, I decided I would find a job I love, build a massage practice and take more pictures. By those measures 28 was a failure. I did find a job I love (as much as you can really love restaurant work if you're not looking to make it your career) I definitely didn't come close to building a massage practice nor did I take any exciting pictures. Oh well.

I did end up having to battle a little ol' disease called cancer. That has taken most of the year until now and I'm still not really in the clear. But grateful that I'm slowly getting healthy and able to tell the tale still. Grateful for everyone who stuck by as my hair started to fall out and I was puking my insides out.

Now I feel I'm 29 going on 40. What do I want for this new year? Health. Good health. Something so often overlooked and taken for granted. I never thought of health as something to put on a wish list. But after it gets taken away and you're lying in a hospital bed wishing it would all go away...well, it skyrockets to the top of the list.

I suppose whatever happens, time to move onward and upward. Here I go.


John Foster Cartwright said...


AWP said...

you are an amazing man! wishing you so many good things for the coming year--cuz then you hit thirty, and... ;)

Chile Willy said...

aww shucks! i'm actually looking forward to my 30's I must say...it's gonna rock!