Sunday, April 4, 2010

Spring Cleaning

The consequences of this experience have been vast and at times unexpected. A few blogs ago I mentioned that things would change, that they already had…truth is, at the beginning I didn’t know how much. How rattled and shaken having cancer and going through weeks of chemo would change me, change my life, my relationships with the world and people around me.
Now a few weeks away from what hopefully will be the final stage of treatment I face a new stage in my life and a new challenge. What will be a better and improved version of what was. Nothing can really go back to the way it was and it would be wasteful for it to. What would the point of facing such an intense experience be if I couldn’t learn from it and grow?
Spring is here and I suppose what’s going on is a spring cleaning of sorts. Now is the time to get rid of skeletons and cobwebs in my closet. Cancer and life altering experiences have a way of clearing things up a bit, show you the things and people that are worth keeping close in your life. The rest is just...clutter. This clutter ends up becoming a dead weight that if unaware, just keeps piling on. This begs a question. Why? Why carry it? Why care? Why waste time?
There’s no room for that now. Not anymore.
Winter will be over soon...a new season is on the horizon and with that a new hope. Let the spring cleaning begin...

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