Thursday, October 29, 2009

Jumping Ryan Gosling's Bones

Thanks to my friend Betty Danger the other night I found myself at Bimbos in North Beach going to see Dead Man's Bones. I had never heard of them before, but I was in as soon as she told me it was Ryan Gosling's band. So yeah I went initially for the eye candy (which did not disappoint in the least!) and was presently surprised to find talented musicians and a great show.
Their band has a ghostly theme, with a painted set of a graveyard in the background. Perfect for Halloween their show was a spooky theater production of sorts. Another unique aspect of it is that they include a children's local choir from each city they tour in. These kids were dressed in white cloaks and had skull faces painted on them.
It was a fun, whimsical show where there was talent to spare and I must say Ryan Gosling oozes charisma.
There is more info about the band and how their idea came about in this Pitchfork article and here is a video to boot!

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