Friday, July 31, 2009

Cities of Romance

n trying to find the Natalie Portman short (my favorite) from Paris, Je' taime and update it on an older post I wound up deleting the post entirely. So here I'm raising it again because I just like it that much.
After Paris, Je'taime, will come sometime in the near future New York, I Love You, which I am quite excited about. I've become a sucker for any story set in NYC. Not so interested in anything set in eternally sunny LA.
There was a long time last year when I fantasized about moving to NYC, and finding myself anew admist neon lights, skyscrapers, manhattans and endless, moving, concrete roads. While the possibility has never gone away, I've since decided to stay in San Francisco, at least for a while longer. My love for this city has only grown stronger and in the past few weeks of shakespearean woes, random strangers brought to my attention just how lucky I am.
I was doing laundry with my roommate at the Starwash Laundrymat, which is around the corner from our house. As we were there piling clothes in the drier with our frizzy hair and frumpy, laundry day outfits, tourists came in to take pictures of the laundrymat. Its a cute, tiny, clean laundry mat that is plastered to the ceiling with pictures of old stars from the days of black and white.
My roommate and I looked at each other and had to comment on how amazing it is that we live in such a place and do our laundry where others come to purposefully take pictures. I walked in dirty and came out feeling grateful once again.
So yes, I have a long term relationship with SF, and happy to have NYC as long distance lover.

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