Wednesday, December 3, 2008

random music rant

I went on some lame date a while ago and I could tell it wasn't going to go anywhere when I asked him what kind of music he was into. He replied by shrugging and stating that he wasn't really into music. He didn't listen to the radio, had very few cd's and could really just care less. No song or musician had ever given him goosebumps and he didn't like live shows.
I was unable to process that information and quickly lost interest. To me a life without music is a listless one.

Melancholy melodies usually suit my mood the most.
I was a classical piano player for 6 years. For a long time there was nothing like feeling the ivory keys under my fingers or the rush that came from playing at concert halls and colleges with my fellow piano mates.
Eventually that ended up taking a sour turn when my dad pushed me so much with it that he transformed it into a chore and I lost all pleasure in playing.
My foray into pop music happened in grade school, I remember really wanting the Ace of Base cassette, The Sign. I traded one of my classmates her Ace of Base cassette for my cassette of this spanish artist Christina y los Subterraneos. The first cd I ever bought was a Bon Jovi cd. I have a cousin who is to this day in love with Bon Jovi and we used to hang out alot so I guess it just caught on.
In Chile you couldn't get really good music in the '90s. It was all mainstream crap and if you were to ever stumble on some indie darling or some more obscure artist it would be a wild goose chase to try to find anything from them.
Now in my late 20's I'd like to think I have a pretty decent taste in music. And I try to go to live shows as much as I can.
anyway...these are 2 of my favorite performances/covers from 2 of my all time favorite artists that I found on youtube.
I want to do mushrooms with Devendra and a dance routine with Feist.

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